Amplitude Studio’s Endless Day Celebration Giveaway


In addition to announcing a new eXpansion for Endless Legend, and a new Endless Space 2 Wiki, they’re also giving away their awesome games on their TwitterIn joint celebration with them, we’ll also be giving away some of their games today through our Steam Group.

We’ll be randomly selecting members today that have any of the Amplitude games in their wishlist and we’ll be delivering Endless Day gifts to those that have been nice ;)

Just leave a comment here if you were selected and tell us about your adventures!

5 thoughts on “Amplitude Studio’s Endless Day Celebration Giveaway

  1. whoo, so excited….endless space 2 would be great…..need to check the news about the new expansion next….off to the next article


  2. Is every Amplitude game being offered? If so, ES1 or DotE would be great. I don’t think they’re on my wishlist, but I only keep games on my wishlist that I might forget about. I never forget about Amplitude games :)


  3. C’mon guys! Talk to us :)

    How’s it going with your new game? Is Dungeon of the Endless such a fun and unique experience as the LPs seem to indicate? I remember one of the LPs very well with OpBot back story. Just the other day I was playing the Vaulters on Endless Legend for the first time, and smiled when I noticed OpBot being the central character of their faction quest and how both stories match.

    And what about Endless Space? It’s been a few years. Does it still hold strong? I watched LPs back in the day, but I have yet to see any Disharmony content. Does it change the game much?



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