Endless Legend to Get a New eXpansion and Faction


Updated 1/23/2016

Today, during Amplitude’s Endless Day Twitch stream, Amplitude announced an upcoming eXpansion pack for Endless Legend that will feature a new faction, the Allayi, that focus on exploiting the winter to their advantage. There will also be a new resource that the Allayi will take special advantage and “all factions will also be able to collect a new resource called the ‘Pearls of Auriga’, enabling them to unlock new powers through the ‘Altar of Auriga’ and modify the upcoming winters’ impact”. We’ll update this post as we learn more, but for now we know that it should be here by April of this year!


New Allayi theme by FlyByNo:

The Allayi will change forms in the Winter and become more aggressive.
Their city concept sketches.
Their city concept sketches.
Very Shifty units!


6 thoughts on “Endless Legend to Get a New eXpansion and Faction

  1. I couldn’t watch the Twitch stream. But his is excellent news. Winter in Endless Legend is the sort of game mechanic that was begging for ideas. Instead of just something that every player fears or gets in the way of their plans, now there will be someone who will grin in satisfaction when it arrives.

    I’m 102 hours strong in this game and I still feel the same level of excitement about it as when I just started. Amplitude Studios are tremendous creators. Happy birthday to them.


  2. Wow this looks fantastic! Winter has always been an annoying little speed bump in Endless Legends games. It sounds like this will shake that part of the game up!


  3. I was really impressed with Shadows adding a nifty espionage mechanic, among other things. But what I feel is the final missing piece is a meaningful naval aspect to the game. We need ships and fleets, amphibious invasions, commerce raiding, and armadas clashing on the storm-tossed seas. So, though the details aren’t out yet, I’m already leaning towards being disappointed a touch.


      1. That would be so awesome. A huge expansion pack too, considering they would have to create naval units for every faction, quite possibly also new tech and combat mechanics. It’s why I always thought that would probably only come in a sequel. But it would wrap up this game quite nicely.

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  4. kreutzer got a thing there….more stuff about the water (naval or maybe resources) would realy be cool.

    looking forward to more infos about the expansion.



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