Weekly eXchange

Weekly eXchange #63 – StellEndMoo

Join Rob and Nate as they discuss all the latest 4X and strategy game news. A lot going on in the world of 4X and strategy and we’re here to tell you about it!

Music by Mangadrive for eXplorminate

Show Notes:

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  1. WeX #62 Notes
    No links today. The weX official notes covered it all up.
    Plenty of stuff on this week Weekly eXchange.
    The theme for today is Rob blues and how this will positively affect the crime rates in USA.

    0:00 – Intro, music by Mangadrive


    0:53 – Stellaris

    Listen to Nate as he discusses Dev Diary #16. This game is shaping up to become one of the greatest events in the history of space-oriented grand strategy. And this from a company that once said they would never do a space grand strategy game. The amount of information in these dev diaries and the obvious scope and depth to which the developers are willing to go is out of this world (hey, I made a funny!).

    Galactic Civilizations II new patch:

    3:50 – Oriental Empires

    eXplorminate got an exclusive trailer to Oriental Empires last week. No kidding! We did. Nate and Rob discuss some details about this upcoming strategy game with tactical combat and with an enormous scale map. A game of which the art alone is already leaving everyone in anticipation for the release date.

    Rob, seriously mate, you couldn’t have picked a worst year to find yourself without time for gaming. We feel for you!

    XCOM 2 Strategy Layer (with videos):

    7:06 – Endless Space 2

    Speaking of which, there’s Endless Space 2 too (hey, another funny!). Listen to the sadness in Rob’s voice as he introduces the new dev diary. My heart sank with the tone in his “hell yes”. I can’t eat and am now having troubling sleeping. Tonight I dreamed of Rob putting the cuffs on a small time criminal and scolding him with the following words still ringing in my head: “Why did you do it! Dammit, I could be playing Endless Space 2! Instead I got this call! You are so going in!”.

    Criminals everywhere, I’m warning you.


    08:30 – AMA With Romain De Waulbert

    Rob and Nate are very happy with how it went and suggest you go read it. Romain answered every single question put to him. Some of which he went into a lot of detail. He really took “Ask Me Anything” to the heart and the whole event was thus a tremendous success.

    There’s also some hints about new developments for Endless Legend that you don’t want to miss. Listen to this talk! Starts at 8:30.

    Planar Conquest (iPad):
    World of Magic (PC):

    11:07 – Master of Orion

    More dev diaries from Master of Orion developers. Rob and Nate go in some detail about this upcoming release, soon to go Early Access. Don’t miss it.

    Development Blog:

    13:13 – Imperia 5x

    Imperia 5x development Was updated with new information. Listen as Nate introduces us to the “Edicts to Projects” post at the official site.


    14:55 – Deep Space Settlements

    There’s some new gameplay footage and the game is getting ready to enter Kickstarter. And what footage that is! When watching it, don’t consider the boredom of watching a preview with no narration or sound, except that from what has already been coded in the the alpha stage of this game. The purpose of this footage is to show you some of the game UI, mechanics and artwork and what to expect in terms of gameplay. All the time keeping in mind this is just alpha.

    It looks extremely interesting and I’m totally crossing my fingers for success at Kickstarter.

    AMA with Romain De Waulbert:

    Amplitude Studios:

    15:32 – XCOM 2

    There’s a new class. A baddass psy soldier. Rob and Nate introduce it to us, while showing their great enthusiasm for this upcoming title. We know, mates! We are spiked too.

    eXplorminate home page:

    18:39 – Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak

    Rob talks in detail about Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak. He’s been playing it and he’s got only good things to say about it. We are also getting a review at eXplorminate soon and our reviewer is very excited too about how the game plays out. There’s some conflicting reviews on the web already. Not everyone thinks this is a good prequel to the Homeworld feel and playstyle. But my trust is placed at the eXplorminate staff. Can’t wait for the review.

    Past Friday eXcursions:

    22:05 – Total War: Warhammer

    The Orc campaign has been shown and Nate words are “Oh my god!”. Very exciting upcoming release. ate gets into more detail. Listen to it.

    23:41 – Darkest Dungeon

    Is out and has been just now reviewed here at eXplorminate. Oliver checked it out for us and he has great things to say about it. Go check his review as soon as you listen to this.

    25:16 – Tooth & Tail

    Rob introduces us to this upcoming RTS, still in alpha, but with interesting new ideas, starting with the actual setting. Is it Space? No? Fantasy? No. Maybe sci-fi then? Also no. It’s… animals. Wage war against mustard-gas skunks, with your flame-throwing boars faction. From the makers of Monaco, the award winning heist game.

    26:54 – Changes to eXplorminate

    Must listen! Nate announced a new podcast with Troy, as part of the some of continuous improvement to the eXplorminate community. I don’t want to get into details and risk you just reading this and not listening to Nate’s detailed announcement. Go check it out! Finally we are going to listen to the always reclusive Troy. Woohoo!

    28:49 – What Are You Playing?

    Every week Rob and Nate share with us what they have been playing. We hear about Armello, the Long War mod for XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, Crashlands (a new RPG game Rob introduces to us) and Grim Dawn.

    32:52 – The End: (Explorminate patreon and NPCs). Music by Mangadrive

    And that’s it for this week Weekly eXchange. Rob and Nate reminds us of eXplorminate Patreon where you can help support the eXplorminate community by donating a few dollars. That would be awesome since, you know, hosting doesn’t come cheap and there’s plenty more expenses on the side like making sure reviewers have good computer rigs for their work and hiring some more staff. Link at the bottom also of this post.

    Then there’s Nate who, against all that is wise, decided to also say goodbye to all the NPCs. I don’t think he understands the gravity of the situation he is in already. I mean, there’s a lynch mob out there already. If that doesn’t scare him, then I guess there is only one thing to do: There being a successful lynch mob.

    Brothers and sisters, scripts and AIs, we got work to do. Who brought the helium?

    Support eXplorminate:

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