“Ask Me Anything” with Romain De Waubert of Amplitude Studios

Shadows Featured

This Friday, the 15th of January, Romain De Waubert, Amplitude’s Creative Director, will be answering as many questions as he can on the 4X Gaming SubReddit:

AMA with Romain

Go and submit your questions and then check back on Friday to see his answers! He’ll be there to answer all the questions that he can regarding Endless Legend and its future direction, Endless Space 2 and the future of Dungeon of the Endless!


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  1. I really wanted to ask him for his credit card number, but settled with something else.

    Plenty of folks have a lot of more experience than me on Amplitude games. So I’m sure they will get the right questions I couldn’t. But I hope I get a positive answer to my question from Romain. That would be so cool! I love how video games, especially indie titles, can enter other markets. And as a since-youth hardcore sci-fi undying fan, it would be awesome if they could pair up with a good writer and bring their awesome creativity into the book market. I’d be all over it.

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