Weekly eXchange #61 – Late, Not Forgotten

Join Rob and his gentle co-host, Nate as they discuss all the news related to 4X and strategy games that you want to know about. Sure, it’s a few days late, and some of it may not even be news anymore, but we get an “A” for trying, yes?

Music by Mangadrive for eXplorminate

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  1. WeX #61 Notes
    (Sorry for being late with these notes, folks)

    0:00 – Intro, music by Mangadrive


    0:53 – Stellaris

    We are on Dev Diary #15 – Fallen Empires. Nate lets us know what to expect from these ancient civilizations. Stellaris is shaping up to become the game everyone is waiting for. I’m pumped! Nate and Rob seem pumped too. Every dev diary is a source of excitement.

    Dev Diary #15 – Fallen Empires
    List of Developer Diaries:

    3:54 – Endless Space 2

    Nate discuss the Empire Management released on Amplitude’s most recent Game Development Diary. This is another source of excitement for 2016. The improvements over Endless Space seem significant. Rob loves how they are taking some of the best ideas from Endless Legend into Endless Space 2. Both Rob and Nate also make their guess as to the release date. I’m not going to tell you. Listen to it.

    Game Development Diary #7 – Empire Management

    9:12 – Thea The Awakening

    The first DLC teaser trailer is out. It will be a free DLC as a “Thank You!” note to the community. Thea The Awakening was awarded GOTY by the eXplorminate staff, so any news is good news. Rob and Nate also briefly discuss the plans for future DLC. Go listen to it.

    DLC Teaser Trailer:

    11:24 – Lord of Rigel

    They are working on the new UI. Listen as Nate discusses it. And then go check it out for yourself. Good stuff.

    UI Update:

    12:30 – Terra Invicta

    Rob introduces us to this soon-to-become Kickstarter project. It’s a grand strategy game inspired by the Long War mod for XCOM. The mod success was so great, the team decided to start their own studio, Long War Studio, and Terra Invicta is their starting game. Listen as both Rob and Nate talk about it and promise us full coverage.

    Long War Studios:
    Terra Invicta:

    15:00 – Ceres

    There’s a new patch to this extraordinary tactical space combat game. Nate and Rob discuss all the challenges this two-man team have been having coming with such a high quality game and why we should give the game a go. You won’t believe, even with some of the problems it has, this game is being coded by a single person. Well worth supporting.

    Latest Patch release notes:
    Steam page:

    17:23 – Games You Played

    As Rob is taking an hiatus from game playing, Nate takes center stage this week with XCOM, with the Long War mod. And Endless Legend, of course!

    XCOM: Enemy Unknown:
    Long War mod:
    Endless Legend:

    19:20 – eXplorminate Community

    Rob and Nate have a little chat about the community and how happy and thankful they are for seeing the numbers grow and for us to be so participant. Awww!

    eXplorminate website:
    eXplorminate Steam group:
    eXplorminate YouTube channel:
    eXplorminate Twitter:
    eXplorminate Twitch channel:
    eXplorminate Podcasts on iTunes:

    22:18 – The End, Music by Mangadrive

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