Join Rob and Nate as they discuss 4X and Strategy game news, including the Stellaris updates, Sorcerer King 1.4, Last Days of Old Earth and much, much more!

Music by Mangadrive for eXplorminate


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    **00:00** Intro

    **0:53** Stellaris
    Listen up as Nate catches up with Stellaris dev diaries No. 13 – Primitive Civilizations and 14 – Uplifting and Subspecies. And if you don’t know already, you can also keep up with all Stellaris Dev Diaries on the Stellariswiki.

    Dev Diary 13 – Primitive Civilizations
    Dev Diary 14 – Uplifting and Subspecies
    Full Developer Diaries list

    **5:57** Sorcerer King
    Update 1.4, named “Soldiers, to Arms!”, has been released with many changes to resource mechanics among others. Nate discusses it in good detail.

    1.4 Description and Change Log

    **9:00** Last Days of Old Earth
    A 4x hybrid with deck building cards, the product of a collaboration between Auroch Digital (the team behind the boardgames Chainsaw Warrior and Dark Future boardgames move to the PC) and newcomers Wintermute Company. They released a roadmap and announced their early access plans. Rob has requested early access and promises some future coverage.

    Steam Page:

    **11:50** Oriental Empires
    Set in ancient China, covering the period of roughly 3000 years, starting at 1500 BC. They recently Introduced the first faction, the Shang. Back in July, Rob and Nate interviewed the lead designer Bob Smith.

    On Steam:
    eXplorminate interview:

    **15:08*** Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak
    Rob and Nate are excited at the sudden and unexpected announced release of January, 20, after two years of silence from both the developers, Blackbird Interactive and the publisher, Gearbox Software, when in 2013 Gearbox announced they had acquired the Homeworld IP and struck a deal with Blackbird to re-tool a Homeworld spiritual successor game they were developing at the time under the Homeworld banner. Deserts of Kharak is a prequel to the existing Homeworld games.

    2013 news:

    **17:47** Battlefleet Gothic Armada
    New trailer is out with amazing battleship combat. Rob and Nate rave about the game looks and hop for the best game experience possible.

    Imperium Trailer:

    **20:23** Game soundtrack pool winners
    Endless Legend and Endless Space won. But Rob and Nate don’t want you to forget the amazing work that has gone into Ascendancy soundtrack and soundtrack elements.

    Ascendancy soundtrack:

    Ascendancy Faction Themes:

    **24:15** New pool
    The new pool is up and while thy discuss it, Predestination comes up and Nate promises he will be covering the new big dev update.

    Predestination homepage:
    Dev update:

    **25:12** Coming up
    Rob and Nate talk a little about the upcoming eXplorminate fixtures: Expansion of the Year, Staff picks, Game of the Year and announce Troy intent to provide some interesting yearly statistics. We just have to wait and see…

    **28:09** What are you playing
    Gal Civ III; Endless Legend; Thea; Sorcerer King. Rob says he’s also playing a surprise game that he can only announce by the New Year. Check it out

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