eXplorminate’s Most Anticipated 4X Games of 2016

Join us as we go over our most anticipated 4X games of 2016. There’s no doubt that 2016 will go down as “THE YEAR OF 4X”, with more AAA releases in a year than EVER BEFORE. Not to mention, it’s heavily rumored that Civilization VI will be announced soon, with a release date around the 25th anniversary of the original (Fall of 2016).

Our honorable mentions: Polaris Sector, Imperia, Lord of Rigel, and Galactic Civilizations 3: First eXpansion

Our list, for those without the time to watch:

5) Stars in Shadow ETA: Q1 

4) Oriental Empires ETA: Q2

3) Master of Orion ETA: Q2

2) Endless Space 2 ETA: Q3/4

1) Stellaris ETA: Q2


Agree or disagree with our list? Let us know! We had a really hard time narrowing it down, but we’re open to discussion!


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  1. Nice list. Pretty much mirrors my most anticipated list, except I’d have put Imperia as #4, but mostly because I haven’t really been following Oriental Empires. I’ll have to read more about it now.


  2. Indeed! Stellaris had to be right there at the top. Paradox pulls such a weight on strategy game design that it is just impossible to ignore their first foray into space-based strategy. Especially when we get to witness their design progress so up-close with the dev diaries. It may not even be the favorite for some people, but it will be on the radar of about every strategy fan.


  3. Stars in Shadow got bumped to Q3, the reviews for Master of Orion have been mediocre, we’ve barely seen anything on Endless Space 2. I’m counting on Stellaris to be the knockout of the bunch.


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