Happy Holidays from eXplorminate


We here at eXplorminate want to thank you for your support and wish you all happy holidays. We wouldn’t be here, busting our humps, without the fantastic feedback and support we get from you all. That’s more than enough of a present for us and we can’t thank you enough.

Here’s one way we’ll thank you, though: we’ll choose a few supporters tomorrow night to give some games to through our forums. We have a key for Endless Legend Collection, Endless Space Gold, Dungeon of the Endless pack and Thea: The Awakening that we’ll find homes for as a thank you to our biggest supporters.


Happy Holidays, guys and gals. We love you!

13 thoughts on “Happy Holidays from eXplorminate

  1. Happy Holidays, Rob, Nate and team eXplorminate, and to all my fellow eXplorminites (?) – relax, enjoy the time with your family, and hopefully, find some time to unwind with your favourite games. Stay safe out there if you’re travelling, as we have much to look forward to together in 2016 in the 4X/strategy world. Cheers, guys. :)

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  2. Thank YOU for having put this wonderful community and provide us with a place where we can both learn and share so much about the amazing world of 4x strategy games.

    Merry Christmas to all the staff and community of eXplorminate and I hope all your dreams for 2016 come true. Merry Christmas also to everyone involved in the making of 4x strategy games, without whom we wouldn’t probably be here.

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  3. Thanks for everything guys! You put a ton of work into the website, podcast, youtube channel, I don’t even know how you find a break to play the games you review! Keep being awesome and continuing to make this community awesome! Have a wonderful and safe holiday! :)



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