Strategic eXpanse: Interview with Brad Wardell #2

Join Rob and Nate as they speak with Brad Wardell, the man behind Stardock, about all things Galactic Civilizations 3, Sorcerer King, and Star Control!

Music by Mangadrive for eXplorminate

3 thoughts on “Strategic eXpanse: Interview with Brad Wardell #2

  1. Glad to hear GC3 was a success for Stardock.

    I assume that by standalone expansion Brad means how it was with Dark Avatar or Twilight. You could still play the previous version.

    Regarding the planetary wheel. There are two methods, one is a planetary improvement, it’s colony unique. the other is a civilization trait.

    I’ve seen the AI defend its planets. The Krynn had ships defending its planets and destroyed two of my troop transports. And we’ve had had n threads on the Steam forums where people complain they lose against AIs at normal or lower difficulty.

    Thanks for the interview.

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  2. Wow! Great interview. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this really as much as I did. Really liked everything Brad has in mind for stardocks games, and liked getting that little insight into it. Makes me feel good for GalCiv’s future as I was not impressed at all on release. I’m now excited for its future, good job Brad!



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