Let’s Try Stars in Shadow

Join Rob as he eXplores the latest build of Stars in Shadow. The game is really coming along and we figured it was about time to feature it again. You can catch our podcast with the developers here: Ashdar Games Interview Podcast

We also have a preview article here: Stars in Shadow Preview

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this one as it gets closer to release. Hopefully the diplomatic element is around the corner and we’ll begin a full Let’s Play of it at that time!

Finally, if you wish to preorder Stars in Shadow and be given immediate beta access, follow along here: Stars in Shadow Preorder


10 thoughts on “Let’s Try Stars in Shadow

  1. Thanks for the playthrough, Rob. It was fun to watch. And good quality encoding too. I’m here to tell you it is very watchable also at a lowly 360p (also thanks to the amazingly clean user interface they put up for us).

    Along with the AI, diplomacy either kills a game or turns it into a classic. I’m glad they hacen’t implemented this yet. An almost sure sign they are working on a well thought out diplomatic system we won’t be frustrated with.

    Tech List (ahah! Feels funny saying it):
    The list seems weird at first. I was even a little surprised the top item was the low tech option, considering the already researched tech are at the bottom. But looking at the Research screen it is easy to understand why space considerations forced the list design.

    Master of Orion:
    It’s almost ironic that the best spiritual successor to MOO is going to be a game that doesn’t try to emulate MOO.

    You got owned!

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    1. A proper tech tree is coming, as is a ground combat screen and proper diplomacy. I think they’re aiming for a Steam Greenlight campaign soon and a release in the first half of next year.

      Absolutely worth keeping an eye on.


    1. I find the dev’s comments on this topic really odd .. and it makes me strangely uneasy about the whole thing. Strategy games have enables zooming as a sort of basic UI feature for years and years now. The ability to “zoom out” and see the whole galaxy/world/map is pretty fundamental to the experience. And unless there is a very compelling thematic/style reason not to allow it, I think it’s a real mistake not to allow for zooming. It makes me question what other strange assumptions might be inherent in the design.


      1. It’s likely not intentional. It just takes time to implement any feature, and they have bigger features on their plate right now. Like diplomacy, the tail end of the tech tree, and finishing the AI.

        The game works just fine without a zoom function. If the game has to ship without it, it won’t hurt the game any.


  2. Will there be a tutorial or a manual? The game does “look” nice and hopefully the devs will flesh out the rest of the game. It looks a little thin and simplistic at the moment.



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