Weekly eXchange #58 – An End Approaching

Join Rob and Nate as they discuss 4X and strategy game news, featuring StarDrive 2, Stars in Shadow, Lord of Rigel and others!

Music by Mangadrive for eXplorminate

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5 thoughts on “Weekly eXchange #58 – An End Approaching

  1. Thanks for the mention, guys. Let me clarify the timeline. A private alpha will start in about 3 months. At this point, the game will be functionally complete except for tactical ship combat and random events. Seriously, it is almost functionally complete at this point.

    The point of the Alpha is to work with expert MOO1 players to get the Java MOO AI up to a competent level. Since there is already a good understanding of the original MOO1 AI, the finished Java MOO AI will be some undetermined level of strength better than that.

    However, there is a lot of artwork remaining and a full-time illustrator working on it. He’s really, really good so I am content to let him do all of artwork rather than save time by trying to get a second illustrator. This will also ensure an aesthetic consistency across the game which is important to me. The artwork is ultimately driving the date for the public release, but that’s ok with me because it gives me and the writer a lot of time to do a lot of polish.

    The Alpha and Beta tests are listed as “private” because I do not believe in releasing unfinished software. However, there will probably be running versions available for preview long before the public release. In addition, I will still need to get a verbal “ok” from Wargaming before even starting the Alpha, so that I can respect their wishes with regards to protecting their IP.

    Then, once the public 1.0 “Orion” release is out, the source code will be open-sourced and I will start working on the 2.0 “Antares” release which integrates the functional additions from MOO2 (but still within the MOO1 game framework). This one will definitely go a lot faster than the 1.0 since it is just an expansion on the existing game.


  2. WeX #58 Guide

    0:00 – Intro

    0:53 – Stellaris
    Nate talks about the last week release of Stellaris Dev Diary #12, the upcoming space 4x from Paradox.

    Stellaris: http://www.stellarisgame.com/
    Stellaris Developer Diary #12: https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads%2Fstellaris-dev-diary-12-policies-edicts.895923%2F

    3:15 – StarDrive 2
    Rob gives the good news for StarDrive 2 upcoming expansion, Sector Zero. Daniel DiCicco pushes back the release to January as he wants to rework the much criticized planetary invasion.

    StarDrive 2: http://stardrivegame.com/
    Daniel DiCicco Twitter: https://twitter.com/zer0sumgames

    4:50 Java Moo
    Rob and Nate talk about the recently released development timeline for this upcoming Master of Orion total conversion to the Java engine, which points to a release date in the first quarter of 2017. Java MOO is an exciting project that is trying to bring Master of Orion gameplay into a more modern computer environment. And it will be completely free.

    Java Moo: http://www.java-moo.com/

    6:37 – Pocket Space Empire
    Listen to Rob as he mentions Pocket Space Empire that entered its second alpha. This is an upcoming birdseye view approach to 4x strategy games being developed by the Krzysztof Kozmik. It failed its Indiegogo goal of 3,000 USD but that didn’t stop the charming polish developer from still going ahead with its development.

    Pocket Space Empire: http://www.pocketspaceempire.com/

    7:58 – Lord of Rigel
    Nate announces that Lord of Rigel developers, Rhombus Studios, plans to bring the game to Steam Early Access. Another game that couldn’t get the funding required from Kickstarter, but of which the developers haven’t given up yet.

    Lord of Rigel: http://www.lordofrigel.com/
    eXplorminate pre-alpha walkthrough and interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCe8t8ITqbU

    9:41 – Star Control
    Nate talks about the Stardock planned reboot and founder program of Star Control, after they acquired the rights to the game during Atari liquidation sale. Also mentioned, the fact the reboot will have different races from the original game, since Stardock couldn’t acquire the rights to these. Finally, Rob also announces an exciting interview with Brad Wardell, founder and CEO of Stardock.

    Star Control founder program: http://starcontrol.com/
    Star Control forum (only accessible to founders): http://forums.starcontrol.com/

    11:45 – Ashes Of The Singularity
    Rob explains the last of the alpha versions, v.70 as the game is about to enter its beta stage.

    Ashes Of The Singularity: http://ashesofthesingularity.com/
    v.70 announcement and feature list: http://forums.ashesofthesingularity.com/473218

    12:30 – Stars in Shadow
    Listen to Rob as he mentions Sven and Arioc plans to bring this gorgeous looking game, inspired by Master of Orion, into Steam Greenlight.

    Stars in Shadow: http://stars-in-shadow.com/
    eXplorminate preview article: https://explorminate.net/2015/04/28/stars-in-shadow-preview/
    eXplorminate interview: http://www.hipcast.com/podcast/Hd0XM1Xs

    13:24 – XCOM 2
    Nate explains in detail the unfortunate XCOM 2 pre-order controversy based on the new pre-order Digital Deluxe edition. Rob and Nate go on trying to rationalize 2K Games decision. It’s a long conversation worth checking.

    XCOM 2 pre-order on Steam (Normal and Digital Deluxe Edition): http://store.steampowered.com/app/268500/
    XCOM2 Forums: http://forums.2k.com/forumdisplay.php?621-XCOM-2&s=708b9d1c3477810bf6c90b7e0b9a4af8

    22:08 – What have you been playing
    Rob and Nate talk about the games they have been playing, with some focus on the following titles:

    Endless Legends
    Gal Civ III, Precursor Worlds DLC

    29:12 – eXplorminate Giveaways
    Nate mentions the winners of this week and then both he and Rob explain why it is easier for everyone if eXplorminate readers get in touch with the team when they have been selected in a giveaway. Remember to always check the giveaway post on https://explorminate.net/.

    Current giveaway (Amplitude Studios): https://explorminate.net/2015/12/13/amplitude-studios-endless-games-contest/

    32:30 – We are looking for
    eXplorminate is looking for web graphic designers. If you think you can help, the eXplorminate team and its users would welcome and thank you warmly.


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