Feudums Preview

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to add a massive, online multiplayer experience to a 4X? Yeah, same here. But that hasn’t stopped 2 Pence Studio! Prepare yourselves for Feudums – a free-to-play, free-to-win MMO-4X.

01 Feudum Coat of Arms

2 Pence Studio is made up of designer Matyas Suranyi, programmer Imre Darics, and marketing manager Mark Elliott. They understand what they’re up against: an almost knee-jerk reaction against F2P games. “I’ve played a lot of time – and money-intensive games in the past, but we’re putting a lot of effort to keep Feudums from taking this route. Long story short, there are no units or in-game options that can be bought for money. This game will offer the same challenge for every player,” Suranyi said as part of a recent exchange with eXplorminate.

02 Feudum Strategic Map
Knights… to arms!

According to 2 Pence, Feudums is a 4X, tick-based, strategy/MMO game set in the Medieval period. Players assume a role as a Lord or Lady in a land about to be ripped apart by political intrigue after the high king dies. The game is all about managing your “feudum,” consolidating your power, and making your own bid for the crown. Players can compete against one another or work together in a cooperative mode.

2 Pence states that one of the game’s best features is its use of the historical vassal system. Players can invite friends and set them up as vassals which gives new participants immediate protection for their fledgling fiefdom without sacrificing game balance.

“Becoming a vassal is not a disgrace but an opportunity,” says game designer Matyas Suranyi. “Your allegiance to your liege consolidates your position and offers protection at the cost of some authority and freedom. But it’s a bargain price, if you can find the right group of players to join.”

Feudums will feature microtransactions, but these will be limited to cosmetic and convenience features. The indie company remains completely committed to a game that is both free to play and free to win. The developers plan to offer three game modes: single player, match-based multiplayer, or the persistent MMO.

To help players find potential vassals and opponents, 2 Pence is promising full-fledged integration with social media. “Most players will probably quick-start a game by accepting a knight service request from an active player,” Suranyi explained. “Such offers can be sent over social and gaming networks or via email.” They also are working to ensure the game is viable on a number of platforms – PC, Mac, Tablet – an important option for this kind of ‘ongoing’ game type.

03 Feudum Castle
My home IS my castle, or that hamlet?

Players who want to get at least a taste for what Feudums will be like can download the custom map editor from 2 Pence’s web site. It’s a neat little app to tool around in – letting you place rivers, maps, hills, and forests to see how they’ll look in the warmth of summer or the snow of deep winter.

2 Pence has plans for a crowdfunding drive early next year. We’ll keep you posted on any developments. If you’d like to find out more or download the map creator for Feudums, you can visit the official site for Feudums, check out 2 Pence’s Facebook page, or contact the developer directly. Based on what I’ve seen, Feudums is a unique game worth keeping an eye on.


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