Audible eXtension of Thea: The Awakening

Join Rob and Nate as they speak with Troy, the reviewer and resident eXpert, about Thea: The Awakening and its review. What did we leave on the cutting-room floor? Come listen and hear what we think about Thea!

Music from Thea: The Awakening by MuHa Games.

5 thoughts on “Audible eXtension of Thea: The Awakening

  1. I am also really enjoying this game, but it keeps tearing apart my frequent thoughts of how great a player I am. Thought I was doing awesome in one game until around turn 320 my 10-strong expedition got ROLLED by Zmey and 2 dragons (and some others). 8 of my expedition didn’t survive. On to the next try :( but Mokosh is level 3! :D

    As Troy mentioned, even when you lose you still get positive reinforcement. I’ve started another game and focused on improving gathering earlier, trying to attract more people to my village (and others when I’ve researched more ingredients) and crafting more stuff earlier for faster research. Also I’ll include gems more often, thanks for that tip!



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