WeX #57 – Stardock’s Day

Join Rob and Nate as they discuss Galactic Civilizations 3, Sorcerer King, and other 4X and strategy game news!

Intro and Outro by Mangadrive for eXplorminate

Show Notes

4 thoughts on “WeX #57 – Stardock’s Day

  1. Just love Weekly eXchange. Keep up the great work. Or else… :p

    1. On space borders.
    It’s interesting Nate went into some detail about this. I always felt that is something yet to be fully and intelligently explored in space empires strategy games. Space borders in strategy games are usually just this vague concept. But they don’t really need to be.

    Space has physical features too. They are just invisible to our eyes. It’s just that not being a space faring civilization (yet), we don’t have a framework to work on how starbound or galatic bound civilizations would work together in defining their borders. SF literature has explored this concept with a lot of depth however. And the general idea is that it needs to be assumed that in the context of a multi-civilizational universe (where these civilizations cooperate and work against each other) space borders are very well defined. The geostrategic and political importance of physical borders are too important for that not to happen. Almost assuredly, Interciv agreements would very likely exist that would help define how borders are defined. And a lot of those determinations would be made on the type of exiting civilizations and the overall technology.

    For instance, starbound civilizations (early space faring civilizations usually bound to one or a few stars), would very likely use the star gravitational pull as a border demarcation). These can be, even today, calculated to a very fine detail of just a few hundred thousand kms of error. Galatic civilizations (late history civilizations, if they will ever come to exist), would very likely define their borders in the context of the galaxies or galactic clusters they dominated.

    What is important to consider, particularly concerning starbound civilizations, is that the geopolitical arena would very likely not be different from what we had in our planet history during our time of exploration and expansion. There would be claims to non explored areas, civilizations sharing the same star, diplomacy ties that would go beyond a mere definition of ally/neutral/enemy, cultural influences, interbreeding (we really need to stop making all the aliens too distinct all the time), etc.

    We need a breed of strategy games (and 4x is the perfect match) that explores these concepts to a greater detail. Better defined space borders, as part of a core mechanism in the game, can open a game to very rich new ideas to explore.

    This is a comment box. I need to stop writing.

    2. XCOM 2
    I’ll add a 4th thing I love about this upcoming game to Nate’s list *which I fully agree).
    We lost. XCOM lost. Humanity lost. And we are the survivors. The resistance. That’s a new cool setting and one I was not expecting at all. I need to quit my job, get a divorce and dishonor my kids coming this February.

    3. Thea
    I know the feel Rob. I wonder why I’m so critic of Thea, when I’m not usually such an irritating “neatpicker” of other indie games. Maybe this is why: I see something grand in Thea. The potential for a massively fun game to play with. The game has too many signals of this potential greatness and it is almost frustrating to be able to feel it but not yet touch or experience it. It still needs to get there. I hope Rob is right and the developers keep putting their current effort into it. They surely are listening, they surely are trying.

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  2. Guide to WeX #57

    0:00 – It starts.
    A physicist with a PhD. will tell you this isn’t true. There is no such thing as time 0:00. But I don’t know. It reads 0:00 on my end.

    0:01 – You jump off your seat.
    Nope. You are not alone. Me too. You frantically run your cursor to the volume controls to turn it down. The default settings, which are, erm, loud, gave you a scare and woke the baby. Wife is not pleased and things aren’t going well for you. Weekly eXchange is not the sort of thing you want to write on your divorce suit.

    0:50 – Someone announces your heists, robandnate.
    By the way, as a word or warning, a physicist with a PhD. will also tell you this isn’t true. There is no such thing as a fixed time in space-time. But I hope that by this time (ahah!) you have already shoved that physicist down a long flight of stairs in an attempt to test impact effects for your upcoming first-person shooter.

    0:53 – Gal Civ III
    Rob and Nate discuss the 1.5 update. Worth checking. Rob is a bit on the meh side, Nate is more apologetic. Rob eventually agrees. Nate feels vindicated. They kiss in the end. Don’t miss it! It includes the announcement of an interview to with Brad Wardell. Cooool!

    05:40 – Sorcerer King
    Patch 1.4 is really coming out. Dramatic changes. Rob explains it all. If you don’t understand, then you are like me. You don’t have the game and you have no idea what they are talking about it or why they are talking about it. I thought this podcast was for me! Nate makes an interesting argument on certain misconceptions that players may make about the always divisive issue of micromanagement. So there’s that. Not all is lost. Check it out!

    09:20 – Ashes of the Singularity
    Why do they keep talking about games I don’t own. So rude! A beta update is announced. It’s actually cool because there’s this thing about global abilities and Rob uses words like strategic depth and scale, and quanta. That’s got to be good, right? You’ll only know about if when you listen to it.

    11:09 – Offworld Trading Company
    This game about Dutch spacecrafts fighting squid faced aliens is going to be released soon. So says Rob. And it has some interesting features you want to hear about. Rob and Nate discuss it a bit and promise they will cover it more, now that the release time is approaching.

    13:35 – XCOM 2
    I have no jokes here. I’m totally committed to this game. I can hardly wait to play it. It’s serious stuff. So let’s be serious for once. Nate explains a lot about the upcoming game. You need to check it out. You know its got to be good because the game has “scenic scenes”. Beat that! Rob challenges Nate to confess the thing he likes more about this upcoming game. Nate gives him three, and I just bawled like a child. Nate also makes a striking revelation. He’s gonna quit eXplorminate when the game launches. And I bawled again!

    19:50 – Thea
    Rob and Nate go on an excellent talk about how they feel about the game. They feel differently but they feel differently in a together way. Like when you feel different but the same. Or when you feel differently but agree. It’s… look you can take a PhD by just listening to this section. Don’t miss it.

    21:20 – Falling Stars
    Just bring something to cover your head and you should be ok. Unless you are watching this laying down in which case you need to cover your… anyways, an upcoming game and Nate is really impressed. Check the link. Worth it, they say. But if you are still in pain, gently rub it with some ice covered in a towel and… breath! That’s the most important part.

    21:40 – Feudums
    There will be soon a preview of this non fantasy feudal game here on eXplorminate. Rob and Nate talk a bit about it. It’s a multiplayer game that you play as a single-player in an persistent MMO world. And there’s… did I get that right? Nevermind, go listen to it yourselves, slackers.

    23:30 – Bed time. No, I mean Steam forums
    Rob and Nate are positively in awe at you guys on the eXplorminate steam forums. They talk about the XCOM 2 thread and have only nice things to say about this community. So I think that time has arrived we should move on to phase 2 and start asking them money to post. Who’s handling diplomacy? Right, anyways, keep up the good work mates. Communities like this are a blessing.

    26:30 – What THEY are playing
    You heard me. What they are playing. You actually need to listen to this. It’s like confessions of sinful soul, with all the drama and emotion you would expect from such. Only, not. But if you like to peek at other people’s windows, you have to listen to this. You’ll find Rob and Nate are in bed together. Sinful!

    36:26 – End
    A physicist with a PhD. will agree.

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