WeX #60 – The Year’s End

Join Rob and Nate as they discuss the weekly 4X and Strategy Game News! Have news that we didn't catch? Be sure to email us at eXplorminate at gmail dot com! Music by Mangadrive for eXplorminate Show Notes Mangadrive Predestination Steam Page Predestination Patch Notes Troy’s Predestination Let’s Play Stars in Shadow Greenlight Campaign Lord … Continue reading WeX #60 – The Year’s End

eXplorminate’s Game of the Year 2015

In 2014, eXplorminate named Amplitude’s groundbreaking hit Endless Legend as our inaugural game of the year. Endless Legend’s innovation, artwork, musical score, and ability to make you play that “one more turn” (1MT) easily made it stand out from the other offerings last year. It also set a precedent that would be hard to follow. … Continue reading eXplorminate’s Game of the Year 2015

eXplorminate’s Staff Picks for 2015

Greetings and Salutations, dear reader. Another year is quickly coming to an end and we’d like to share with you some of the games that we enjoyed in 2015 and why. Our eXpansion and Game of the Year write-ups will follow shortly. So, pull up a chair, get your drink of choice and enjoy.   … Continue reading eXplorminate’s Staff Picks for 2015

eXplorminate’s eXpansion of the Year 2015

Back in the olden days, before the dark times... before the hegemony of broadband and DLC, there were “Expansions” (with a capital “E”). Blessed were those whose treasured games were fortunate enough to receive an Expansion, for they alone could let the good times roll a little longer. In those days, Expansions came on compact … Continue reading eXplorminate’s eXpansion of the Year 2015