Join Rob and Nate as they discuss Stellaris, Shallow Space, Polaris Sector, StarDrive 2, Shallow Space, At the Gates, and we introduce the newest member of our staff, Brittany “Birdybot”.

Intro and Outro(Full): Weekly eXterminatus by Mangadrive

Show Notes


  1. Regarding the points raised in 4x Multiplayer , there is a massive group on Steam called “Civilization No Quitters” with a large amount of players playing 6 player FFA. Using a community mod called the “NQ MOD” which is currently v8 with extensive game balancing for MP.

    Once you play MP its hard to go back to single player AI.


  2. I’m going to have to disagree with you on multiplayer Nate. A closed game of civ (or any other 4x game) with some close buddy’s can turn into a great time. Real human opponents,who are much more unpredictable then current AI, offer a unquie challenge. However, it’s really a pain trying to organize and plan a day that suits all members and being only in high school I can see how this can pose as a real problem to those who have family’s , jobs and basically a life after school.


  3. There in lies the problem. MP with friends only, we all have families and other responsibilities. I’d rather hang out with my friends than play video games. I don ‘t have to feel bad when I crush some random dood/doodette in a MP game. My friends? No, not as much fun. Does that make sense?



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