Thea: The Awakening Giveaway Winners

Thea Logo 2One contest ends, the next one begins! We’re giving away FOUR COPIES (perhaps even more) of Thea: The Awakening, which will be leaving Steam Early Access on November 20th. If you don’t know what Thea is by now, here’s is a Q&A and a preview to help familiarize yourself.

So how do you win it? It’s easy! Just become a member of our Steam Group and tell us what your Steam Handle is in the comments below!

You’ll get ONE additional entry for inviting a friend, so why not bring someone else in to the fold, too? Let us know who you invited and whomever you bring in will be entered in to the contest, if they so choose.

Entries should look like this:

I’m DevildogFF in your Steam Group and I invited Nasarog to the group for one extra entry! Thea looks great!

Not a member yet? Come on down and join here:
eXplorminate Steam Group




You guys have 24 hours to email us at eXplorminate at gmail dot com to receive your keys! If after 24 hours we haven’t heard from you, we will choose new winners tomorrow at ~9pm EST. So, if you didn’t win, please check back tomorrow: you may yet still win! 


88 thoughts on “Thea: The Awakening Giveaway Winners

  1. Have very much enjoyed your videos, Troy, and the rest of the Thea coverage on the site and in the podcasts, gentlemen – thank you! The giveaway opportunity is of course appreciated, too.

    Has been a fun journey to release time, and I wish the MuHa Games guys all the best, as they seem like a very nice crew, and truly dedicated to their creation.

    I award extra points for the Slavic mythology influence, as it is fascinating in its own right, and aside from that, watching Troy play through this has given me some King of Dragon Pass vibes – mechanically a completely different game, of course, but somehow tackling storytelling in a similar way, perhaps?

    Good luck to all, and whether now, or if you eventually pick this up later, everyone enjoy the game – I hope it does exceedingly well for team MuHa.

    Throwing my hat into the ring as Steam group member ‘oipic’.

    Cheers. :)


  2. Ahoy, I’m Taggen in your Steam group.

    Thanks for the site! I haven’t taken the plunge in your podcasts yet (there’s only so many hours in a day, etc etc) but I might do so soon. :)


  3. Hello, my name is Ben, and I am Notagreatgamer (for Steam purposes, among other things). I love your content, and Thea looks pretty bomb. Also, I invited eecalynn.


  4. Hi there! I joined your Steam group as gkreutzer. I hadn’t even heard about Thea until browsing Explorminate. So thanks for that. It looks very interesting. Keep up the good work fellas.


  5. Hi, I am That Guy With a Cat in the steam group(formally known as WabbaJack). I am rather curious to give Thea a try after see’ing some gameplay.


  6. Greetings! I’ve joined your Steam Group just recently, wish I knew about it earlier =)
    Steam handle is Corlindale, have invited my fellow 4X gamers as well – k.n.f. & Kain.
    Good Luck!


  7. I’m Spartacus in your steam group.

    And off topic but I want to congratulate you guys – actually being quoted in the launch trailer for this game – which by the way I only became aware of do to Troy’s post about auto combat resolve and Nate prodding me a little – the quoting is a sign you have truly arrived in the big time! Again congrats!


  8. Hi, I’m nosferatiel and have invited [omfc] Tandrok for an additional entry.
    Slavik mythology sounds like a pretty unused angle for a phantasy world to me, so I’m intrigued.


  9. Hi, I’m Dushanan in the Steam Group.

    I think the game sounds pretty interesting, and your review made it sound pretty good. so either way, I’m definitely looking forward to trying it!


    1. eXplorminate at gmail dot com

      WINNERS: GermanDad Jin Davidg7732 Spartacus

      Last I heard I’m Spartacus so it looks like I won – great – as I was convinced was great from Troy’s review and the player reviews

      And Nate thank you for reminding me Friday to check on Sunday

      Thank You again

      Bruce McLeod ( I’m Spartacus )



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