Arcen Game’s pseudo-4X/adventure genre mix-match game (yeah, we have no idea how to categorize it, either), The Last Federation, released its second expansion, Lost Technologies, today. We’ll be getting hands on with the eXpansion – and the base game in general – to give you our impressions and some video content. It definitely has some 4X elements and we’ve been eyeing it for some time, so we’re excited to finally dive in.

In celebration of its release, we’ve been given a code for The Last Federation (50% now!) and its two expansions on Steam by the cool dudes over there at Arcen and we’re giving it to you, our awesome audience.


How are you going to win it? All you have to do is give us a quick little sentence or two about what YOU would do if you were the last Human in a universe of space-faring aliens. Make it funny, make it serious, make it insane, but write something and we’ll pull a name on Sunday. Leave your Steam name in the comment, too, so we know how to find you ;)

The Winner is: Rhonin – Claimed!

Congratulations, random numbers like you, Rhonin! Please friend DevildogFF or Nasarog on Steam and they’ll send you your key!


  1. What I would do as the last Human in a universe of space-faring aliens? Well, someone needs to repopulate and it would be a shame if I hadn’t learned how to seduce space beauties from Captain Kirk! ;)


  2. easy?
    I would make the best tv show about the wacky humans and their habits!
    no alien wouldn’t love! unless races like vulcans or robotic civilizations, of course


  3. Steam Name: Snarky

    Last human in a universe of space faring aliens i’d probably be a mercenary, just travel the stars, meet new cultures, shoot them if paid enough. Maybe look into what ended my race before I ended up as the proverbial unicorn of universe.


  4. 1. Celebrate because all the people I hate are dead.
    2. Mourn the few I liked.
    3. Become immortal.
    4. Build robot army.
    5. Conquer universe.
    6. …..
    7. Profit!


  5. Present the wonders of the internet to the space-faring aliens of course! After all of the aliens are hooked to cat videos and become procrastinators, their civilizations begin to crumble and then… SURPRISE SPANISH INQUISITION!

    Steam name: ☬☭☢-Gunfin-☢☭☬


  6. Pack up cologne, my favorite shirt and some booze.

    Get to a jungle, or a zoo. Which ever is easiest.

    Find the great apes section, if the zoo was the closest, or search for a ape in the jungle.

    Dab on previously mentioned cologne, and approach the females.

    Get a female ape drunk, and get sh*tfaced myself.

    Sacrifice myself for humanity, and have sex with the wasted gorilla-lady.

    Start a ape/humanbloodline, and wait a million or so years. Hope evolution will work it’s magic again :D

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  7. If I were the last human in the universe I would travel among the other intelligent species and amass myself a fortune selling our culture to the unenlightened. After I’ve successfully became a space billionaire, I would buy myself a planet, a clone machine and a wicked space ship. Then I’d send my clones out on amazing space adventure to repopulate the Milky Way with my genes. Ghangius Khon’s got nothing over me!


  8. Steam name: reten

    Well obviously if I’m the last human in a universe of space-faring aliens the first thing I would do is do what humans do best, destroy civilizations. How else could I make my extinct race proud but by making all other races extinct? HUMANS NUMBER ONE!


  9. Personally, I’d prolly pick one or two things, ether become a crazy mercenary or try and find a way to repopulate my race, since option 2 prolly won’t happen it looks like it’s time to shoot things for money =w=

    My Steam handle is [4boots] Saber153 good luck to everyone entering owo


  10. If I would be last human I would find smart but not-so-developed alien civilization and help them progress in their development. I would also try to make sure they would survive and carry legacy of mankind. And if possible I would upload my mind into computer and watch over them as god.


  11. You should probably exclude me from the drawing, I just liked the question so decided to answer. There are two possibilities.
    Find a sebatian colony in the uncharted territories outside of peacekeeper control and assimilate. I shouldn’t have intruded to heavily on the lives of insane peacekeeper commanders, so they wouldn’t be looking for me. I would build the colony into a major enough power that they could take the peacekeepers out of power and keep the scarens at bay.

    If, somehow, that isn’t the universe I am in:
    I would be the sole independent arbiter in the universe, so I would sell those services. I would have no allegiance to any species other than my own, which no longer exists. This would bring a perspective without constraints otherwise lacking in the participants of the conversation. I give stable peace to the aliens. Then, depending on my mood, I would hit it with a hammer.


  12. If I’m the last survivor of humanity, I’m sure I’d be quite the curiosity to all the aliens. I’d spend the rest of my life telling them stories of what it was like back when humans ruled the earth.

    Not sure if you want my Steam login name ( or my screen name (ekolis, but who knows, there might be another ekolis out there)… so you can have both!


  13. I would try to learn the alien languages.

    It would be tough if you’re the last human if everyone around you is speaking gibberish.

    My steam name (created years ago in high school when this was true) is “mathwiz.”


  14. I would probably just go on a galaxy-wide speaking tour, hoping some cute alien chick’s DNA is compatible with mine. Alien chicks dig a good last-of-my-kind story. Right?

    Steam name: Notagreatgamer



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