WeX #51 – Nate > Rob

Join Rob and Nate as they discuss Nate’s personal life, Shallow Space, Stellaris, That Which Sleeps, Total War: Warhammer, and much, much more!

Intro: WeX Intro by DJ DevildogFF ft. Mila Yuuki
Outro: Theme 1 from Ascendancy

Show Notes

2 thoughts on “WeX #51 – Nate > Rob

  1. The reason I’d consider using YouTube Red is the offline viewing for my commute, however I’m in Canada so it’s not an option right now anyway. The whole non-Red content creator videos being blocked by Red subscribers is not well considered. YouTube should just make it so Red subscribers would still see the ads for non-Red creators, or even better skip the ads but still give credit to the non-Red creators for the views (pretty unlikely). If it ever becomes available for me and I joined I’d probably end up creating a second non-Red account so I could stay subscribed to creators like eXplorminate.



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