StraX #20 – Interview with Daniel DiCicco

Join Rob and Nate as they sit down with Dan DiCicco of ZeroSum Games about the past, present and future of StarDrive 2. They also learn a bit about other projects that Dan is working on outside of video games!

Intro: eXintro by DevilDogFF featuring Mila Yuuki
Outro: Star Drive 2 Soundtrack OST – Kulrathi Theme

15 thoughts on “StraX #20 – Interview with Daniel DiCicco

  1. Why haven’t you ask him about that ugly MoO2-style research system? This garbage shoudn’t even exist by now, and yet it is in StarDrive 2. Seriously, this “pick one and lose everything else” is just awful.


    1. its in there because its heavily based on master of orion. its not awful. sword of the stars does a similar thing. if you get everything all the time you go for the same stuff. being able to chose something can change it up slightly. i would have prefered sword of the stars system more though.


  2. What do you feel is wrong with it exactly, Shut? While I agree that you can do it wrong (Like Predestination locking you out of one kind of planet colonization temporarily), but I actually like the “pick one, trade for the other ones later” concept as a whole.

    It promotes contact with other species – whether peaceful or militant (or even covert). And considering there’s almost always a race that gets the “creative” trait option that unlocks everything if you have the research for it. :)


    1. There are many things wrong with such concept. It even fails to do what it originally supposed to. I mean, it was designed to ensure replayability, but instead you end up using the same techs while ignoring everything else. The exception is “uncreative” perk in MoO2. Actually, this is the only way to play when you are really creating an empire, not just making builds like it’s some MMORPG. Not to mention that it simply goes against common sense and logic. Why the heck would you have to abandon, say, level 1 shields in favor of new energy gun? And how is it even possible to later acquire level 3 shield tech without having level 1? It’s just blatantly stupid in any way and make neither gameplay nor immersion any better. Oh, and I like to play isolationist and keep as little contacts with other factions as possible. And guess what? With this system in play, I can’t! I either need to pick “creative” trait which makes game boring or go play something else.


      1. Hm… It’s a feature i really liked in MoO2 and even i picked often the same, it always got the tension how to aquire the other i wanted.

        For me, all this streamlined Techtrees where you can get whatever you want and everybody else too, are boring.


  3. This guy owes the community a clear answer to how he is going to address each of the issues Total Biscuit brought up in his review, not to mention an apology for the unprofessional hissy fit he threw right afterward where he blamed the community for all his problems. I’m really shocked you guys gave this guy what amounts to a third chance when hes done nothing to atone for the last two times he ran away from his commitments to the consumer.


    1. We haven’t given him any “chances”, just the opportunity to speak about his upcoming DLC. He *did* speak to his past behavior and said he was wrong (in this very podcast). We’re not here to judge anyone, but simply provide coverage of the best genre ever.

      We agree that some of his past behavior should have been more professional, but we’re also big believers in letting things go. We will judge the DLC on merit, not on the actions or behavior of the developer.


      1. A good stance to take – You’re playing the game, not the developer after all. You just have to keep in mind that you’re paying for what you see, not what “could” be.

        This goes for any developer though in my opinion – I’m too old and jaded to listen to golden promises for DLC and Expansions from developers (even patches) until they are actually on my PC. Same thing with Early Access – Buy a game for what it is right now, not the final product. Otherwise you might as well just wait for release.


      2. There is letting things go and there is giving someone a complete pass and a leg up.. This interview was a total softball pass and a disservice to the community. You guys were dancing on eggshells not to offend or ask anything the least bit stressful. Getting clear answers as to how he is going to address (for free) the issues Total Biscuit brought up would have been useful. As such you’ve just become another lapdog advertiser in the LONG history of bad gaming journalism.


      3. Evrett – Let’s be real for a second here.

        No ones owes anything to anyone. No one forced you to buy the game. You don’t have to support Dan or Iceberg or anyone for that matter.

        If we attack him, the interview gets shut down and then we have nothing to report on. I asked the “hard” questions without antagonizing him. We kept asking the community what to ask, and very few people actually answered our request. Why would anyone be mad at us for not being able to read their minds?

        We aren’t advertising anyone or anything. We don’t get paid for this, and we aren’t rolling in cash. Why would we need to ask Total Biscuits questions or address his concerns? What a strange notion you have.

        Having said that, I agree that SD1/2 aren’t great games, and I don’t own either.

        Thanks for listening to the podcast.



      4. Yes, we’re lapdogs. One only need to run over to Space Sector to see that they’re advertising StarDrive 2 all over their page and yet have never even asked Dan ONE question regarding his game, and yet we managed to respectfully ask him what he plans to do in more than one way. We’re not here to advertise, but to simply provide news and reviews. If Sector Zero sucks or if it is great, we’ll be honest and open, either way.

        We’ve got nothing riding on it either way. We simply don’t accept payments, advertisements or ANY sort of reimbursement. So how we can be ANY ONE’s lapdogs is beyond my ability to comprehend. If you don’t like what we’re doing, we’re sorry to hear that, but you don’t have to come back.


  4. it doesnt matter that there are not alot of 4x games coming for the holidays. most people who enjoy 4x games enjoy other types of games to. so while there may not be much in the way of 4x games releasing there are other genres of games that are coming out so the dlc doesnt have to just worry about 4x games because racing, shooting, rts, ect games will also take money from it for people who enjoy 4x games but decide to get something else instead at the time



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