Update: Swag Signed by Sid Meier!

SM backpack

(It’s a carrier bag and an XCOM bandana with a skull on the other side of it!)

You like 4X? You like Swag? You *love* Sid Meier? Great, this contest is for you!

As you may know, Rob and Nate went to Firaxicon ’15 this past Saturday and came away with some cool swag that they want to share with you, our awesome community! How do you win this awesome stuff? First, you have to be a Steam Group Member. Second, just comment here with your Steam Handle and tell us you want it! On Sunday, we’ll pick a name at random to get this awesome stuff!

Good luck and thanks again for your support!

WINNER: Satoru
Email us at!

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  1. How do I know this is not a trick by the aliens to try and lure out resistance/xcom operatives? Of course should this melkathi win the bag, they’d be easy to spot.


  2. Woo hoo!!!!!

    I can only hope some of that positive 4x Sid energy will upgrade my skills from ‘total garbage’ to ‘really bad’. :)



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