WeX #48 – Firaxicon ’15

Join Rob and Nate as they discuss the Battletech Kickstarter, Stellaris, Stardock’s recent sale and oh yeah, Firaxicon 2015 and their time with Beyond Earth: Rising Tide!

Intro: WeX Intro by DJ DevildogFF ft. Mila Yuuki
Outro: Terra Amata by FlyByNo for Endless Legend

Show Notes

4 thoughts on “WeX #48 – Firaxicon ’15

  1. Great work as usual guys. Can’t wait to see the re-examination on Beyond Earth. Like you guys, I’ve been sucked into being excited about this expansion. I think one of the major complaints was the game was a bit ‘soulless.’ Do you think they did anything to fix that? I remember reading the Alpha Centauri ebook before that games release. They fleshed out those factions SO well. It made them really identifiable in a way that Beyond Earth did not even attempt…

    Nate, I find it hilarious that you NEED to correct even the slightest generalization. Don’t make me nickname you negative Nate! ;)


  2. I give a shit about forward settling… (Which, admittedly, comes out a little weird.) I’m glad you could have your chat with the folks at Firaxis. Keep up the good work!


  3. Negative Nate… Heh, I prefer Nasty Nate.

    Jack, I think the Civ:BERT has gone a long way towards correcting the Civ:BE release. They did so much to improve the game. I think a second expansion will do for Civ:BE was the second expansion did for Civ5. Though, I haven’t nearly played as much as Rob, so I can’t say how good the complete experience is. But, for me, the only thing about RT that kinda sucks is the price.

    Ben, Heh. That’s a pet peeve of mine since forever and a day. My issue with forward settling is that it forces you into conflict from the get go. Sometimes that’s what I want. Other times it isn’t. With Endless Legend and Age of Wonders, you have an option to turn that on/off. That would make both camps happy I think.

    This proverbial sit-down (we were actually standing) will net us many good things. Information on how to improve our product and it’s presentation. Early access to 2k/Firaxis future products. Another channel to get noticed. All in all, I think Firaxicon ’15 was very successful.

    Thanks for listening guys.




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