Devs, Want More Money?: An eXposition

Indie developers have to scrap and scramble for every dollar they get. They operate on razor-thin margins most of the time and any additional income they can generate is greatly treasured. Whether it’s through regular social media updates, posting videos on YouTube, doing Twitch streams, appearing on podcasts, or any other type of community outreach, … Continue reading Devs, Want More Money?: An eXposition

Friday eXcursion: Crowntakers

Bulwark Studios’ Crowntakers is a strategy RPG with a hearty dose of roguelike elements thrown in. Ostensibly, the plot hinges around trying to rescue an imprisoned king who spoke to you in a dream. The king wants you to know that you are indeed the one and only super special chosen one who can free … Continue reading Friday eXcursion: Crowntakers