Rob and Nate discuss a lot of Warhammer game news, Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes 2.0, Sorcerer King, Beyond Earth: Rising Tide and a whole lot more!

Music: The Battle Scene II by FlyByNo for Endless Space: Disharmony

Show Notes


  1. Nice discussion and it’s cool to hear that you guys still enjoy your work. I just happened onto the site, so it would be a shame to hear that you are both burnt out.

    Looking forward to hearing about the 4X “drama”, which I have no idea about.


  2. It’s not StarDrive 2 related… We’ll give the story a week to work itself out and we’ll report on it then. Hopefully the Dev’s get it worked out. If not, we promise to let you guys know. I don’t want our coverage to be the story, and if someone scoops us, no big deal.


  3. Hey, I picked up blood bowl Chaos edition during this last sale, was excited to hear you guys talk about it. If some other members are down to do some multiplayer like you talked about in the podcast, I’d totally be down. So you got at least 1 other!


  4. Great discussion guys, I had to stifle a laugh on the bus about the “irregardless” part. My supervisor says this all the time and it drives me crazy!

    I’ll probably get BERT once it’s out (though no pre-order this time) and will let you know my thoughts in the Steam group once I’ve spent some time with it, I’m hopeful the Diplomacy changes especially will make it more interesting.

    Also just as some constructive criticism (IMO of course); Rob sometimes you can get fairly quiet while speaking and hard to hear when listening in noisy places, like on the bus, so try and maintain a more consistent minimum speaking volume. Thanks!

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