Endless Legend ReeXamination #3

Here we are again, re-eXamining our 2014 GotY winner. This time around, we have another mini-expansion/DLC, Shadows, to look over. With this latest offering, Amplitude Studios added a new game mechanic that we have been clamoring for since the beta: espionage. This all comes topped with new gameplay mechanics, a few general enhancements and a … Continue reading Endless Legend ReeXamination #3

WeX #43 – Shadows Await!

Rob, Nate, and Troy discuss all the new stuff with Endless Legends, Thea: The Awakening, Galacollider and get a little retrospective with the website and its one-year anniversary. Music: The Endless by FlyByNo for Endless Space Show Notes Endless Legend Steam Page Endless Legend Shadows Expansion GalaCollider Kickstarter Endless Legend: Shadows Steam Page Endless Space 2 … Continue reading WeX #43 – Shadows Await!