WeX #47 – Lord of the RulerCollider

Join Rob and Nate as they discuss Lord of Rigel, Galacollider, Star Ruler 2 (it lives!) and much, much more! Intro and Outro by Rob, aka DevildogFF Show Notes Lord of Rigel Official Site Lord of Rigel Kickstarter eXplorminate YouTube Channel GallaColider Kickstarter GallaColider Official SIte Thea: The Awakening Steam Page Muha Games Official Site Troy’s … Continue reading WeX #47 – Lord of the RulerCollider

Lord of Rigel Kickstarter Announcement

Lord of Rigel has launched its Kickstarter campaign! Co-designers and maniacal geniuses James and Adam Rorabaugh are hoping to breathe some new life into the classic, turn-based space 4X genre. While Lord of Rigel certainly follows in the footsteps of Master of Orion 2 in its look and feel, players will experience a lot of … Continue reading Lord of Rigel Kickstarter Announcement

Friday eXcursion: Skyshine’s BEDLAM

We are living in a post-apocalyptic renaissance (as opposed to a renaissance post-apocalypse, that would be entirely different). Our culture is completely and totally obsessed with its own demise. The last time we had this much content created about the end of civilization was the late 1970’s - when we got zombie movies, tales of … Continue reading Friday eXcursion: Skyshine’s BEDLAM

The 4X DLC Crutch: An eXposition

Back in the good ol’ days, one could would walk into a store, find a game, purchase it, go home, and immediately get the full experience. However, today’s games receive all kinds of additions, patches and DLC (Downloadable Content) post-release. Gamers benefit from the continued support, but they also have to shell out repeatedly to … Continue reading The 4X DLC Crutch: An eXposition