Today GalaCollider, from NeoCrux Ltd., launches their crowdfunding drive on Kickstarter, which will run through  September 28th.  

A brief introduction is in order. GalaCollider, among all the space 4X games currently in the works, is perhaps the most unique take on the genre. It is an intriguing union of a digital battle card game (think Hearthstone) and a more traditional 4X. During a battle (i.e. a match) players are positioned on opposite ends of a smallish starmap. In a simultaneous turn-based fashion, players choose cards to play for the round. Cards require various types of resources to play and allow you to develop planets, build facilities and spaceships, and move your fleets.

Home is where the heart is and where you build giant spaceships too.
Home is where the heart is and where you build giant spaceships too.

Like Hearthstone or other digital card games, there is a deckbuilding side of the game where you construct your deck by selecting from among various alien factions. However, GalaCollider is conceived as an expandable card game with predetermined sets of new cards released at regular intervals. So there will not be random packs of cards to open along with all that entails.  It is a nice model. There is a free-to-play option for new players which provides access to a basic set of cards.

Defend the children…

Overall, I am interested to see how GalaCollider turns out and whether or not this vastly different take on the genre will be an innovative leap forward. Check out the Kickstarter campaign and see if it strikes your fancy. I am certainly intrigued. Best of luck to NeoCrux!


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