WeX #42 – Oh Oliver!

Rob, Nate, and Oliver discuss Oliver's whole life story and his amazing master list for 4X games before they delve in to news about Galactic Civilizations 3, Star Control, Master of Orion, Thea: The Awakening and a lot more. Apologies for Rob's volume; we'll get that fixed for next week! Music: The Endless by FlyByNo for … Continue reading WeX #42 – Oh Oliver!

Unspoken Agreements: An eXposition

When you purchase an item, whatever the item happens to be, there is usually some type of agreement involved. Purchaser and seller agree on the service to be rendered or good delivered and the compensation. The parties share a tacit or spoken understanding of how the product or service will serve the purchaser, which may … Continue reading Unspoken Agreements: An eXposition

Birthday Contests: Winners Update #4 – FINAL

That's right, we've made it one whole year! We're not going to reflect just yet; that will all come next week! However, we ARE going to start accepting entries in to our week-long giveaway, starting on Monday. What are we giving away, you ask? Only the best 4X games of the past year! Amplitude, Stardock, … Continue reading Birthday Contests: Winners Update #4 – FINAL

GalaCollider Kickstarter Announcement

Today GalaCollider, from NeoCrux Ltd., launches their crowdfunding drive on Kickstarter, which will run through  September 28th.   A brief introduction is in order. GalaCollider, among all the space 4X games currently in the works, is perhaps the most unique take on the genre. It is an intriguing union of a digital battle card game … Continue reading GalaCollider Kickstarter Announcement