Endless Space 2 Announced!

It didn't take you all long to decipher the message that Amplitude sent out and it led to this URL: http://www.yourvision-theirfuture.com/amplified-reality That's right, ENDLESS SPACE 2!!! We're eager to learn more and will report back on it as soon as we can! We expect that more information will come out of Gamescom in Germany in … Continue reading Endless Space 2 Announced!

Amplitude Begins New Teaser

Amplitude Studios, developers of Endless Space, Dungeon of the Endless and our 2014 Game of the Year, Endless Legend, has begun a new teaser on both their site, http://www.amplitude-studios.com, and on their Twitter for a very-likely reveal leading up to Gamescom in Koln, Deutschland. Evidently, our logo as shown above will help those of you … Continue reading Amplitude Begins New Teaser

WeX #38 – Wake Up Thea!

Rob and Nate discuss a new game called Thea: The Awakening, Star Ruler 2, Lord of Rigel, Pocket Space Empire and much more! They also briefly discuss the Godus controversy and ask for the group's/audience's input for our strategy game coverage moving forward! Music: Mole People by Jason Staczek Show Notes Sorcerer King Steam Page Elemental Video … Continue reading WeX #38 – Wake Up Thea!