Worlds of Magic Winners!

Come One, Come All!

Welcome, welcome! We have three copies of Worlds of Magic to give away to our kick-ass membership, so let’s do this! How can I win, you ask? EASY!

First, you have to be a member of our Steam Group. Once you are (or if you are already), just leave a comment here saying that you want Worlds of Magic. That’s good for one entry!

Second, for a max of two more additional entries, you can refer a friend to our Group and for each friend you refer, you gain an additional entry.

So, if you are a member of our fine group and refer two friends, you’ve gained THREE entries! Not too shabby, eh?

In the comments below, just leave a quick message about who you are on Steam and who you’ve referred, if anyone. This coming Sunday, the 28th of June, come back here around 12pm EDT to see if you’ve won.

Winners will have 24 hours to claim their keys. If keys are left unclaimed, additional people will be randomly selected to win the remaining keys. Any keys left unclaimed after that occurs will be awarded to random Steam Group members.

Winners Announced:

1st Winner: Spez95

2nd Winner: Mythox

3rd Winner: Kleinerposer


Now friend me (DevildogFF) on Steam within 24 hours and I’ll send you your new games! Thanks for participating and be sure to check back here tomorrow in case someone hasn’t claimed their keys!

71 thoughts on “Worlds of Magic Winners!

  1. You guys are really one of the best out there! Love your passion! Keep it up! I’d like to give a try for the giveaway too. :D

    Shadomith on steam!


  2. I am Uroplatus Fimbriatus on steam. These are a good way to encourage member activity. I always read articles when here.


  3. I’ve been interested in playing this game since before it came out but haven’t pulled the trigger yet! I’d love to try it though! I go by midnight_toker22 on Steam and elswhere


  4. Yay! Thank you very much! Friend invite sent! I’m a happy camper :-)!

    Keep on the amazing work you are doing here and on the forums!

    Best regards,




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