Master of Orion Reboot Announced!

MOOrevampFrom the developers of World of Tanks and World of WarPlanes,, comes an announcement of the revival of THE 4X game, Master of Orion. Fear not, however, it’s not a “World of Spaceships” game, but rather a legitimate 4X game, as the video description of their announcement trailer details. No gameplay just yet, but Wargaming has plans to reveal more at next week’s E3. We’ll do our best to reach out to them beforehand to get what we can out of them in the meantime. Below are the screenshots we found from their new website,

What a time to be a 4X gamer!

The Bulrathi
The Sakkra
System View 2
System View
System View
System view, zoomed out


18 thoughts on “Master of Orion Reboot Announced!

  1. Hey, glad you like it! Don’t worry, we’re going to do this game right. We love the franchise, and this is a passion project for us. More to come after E3. :)


  2. Urgs… Starlanes. The Single most immersion breaking thing for me. I wonder what the reasoning is to ever do that.


    1. It creates actual front lines, strategic areas, and objectives that make more sense than spamming small fleets through space for years just to see if you can spawn a colony behind enemy lines. It also makes gameplay a lot more interesting.

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      1. Ok that makes sense. I assume youre pretty settled with this solution but you should take a look at how Stardrive 2 handled this Problem with its engagement ranges around fleets, which made intercepting pretty easy. But still these are very nice screens and i will be following future infos on youre game.


      2. Yea, as Ramrod said having an intercept mechanic is a nicer way to get having a “front line” without having to rely on starlanes, which IMHO are super lame.


      3. There’s pros and cons to both. To me, it’s the interception mechanic that’s immersion breaking. In the depths of space, objects that move ftl in different directions being able to halt each other to relatively* normal speed over a large arbitrary distance?
        Anyway, star lanes restrict movement more, but are also the best way to keep 3D space navigational.

        *Relative to the speed of the local stars, not to each other.


      4. yes, i somehow had no problem with space lanes in Ascendancy which had a 3D Galaxy but spacelanes in a 2D Galaxy somehow put me off e.g. SoaSE, Endless Space.


      5. I agree that there is similarities in the solar system representations, but it’s kinda hard to believe that there was any copying. I’m pretty sure that MOO was being developed before SD2 started, despite the fact that SD2 has already released. It took ZeroSum about 18 months to start and complete StarDrive 2. I’m nearly certain that MOO was already in development when StarDrive 2 began development.

        It’s just a random occurrence, I’m sure of it.

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  3. Not a single 4X game gave me the feeling Master of Orion II gave me. By now I am not convinced, the screens are very colorful and there is much glowing, I think Battle of Antares did a better job here in having the right balance between colors, details and the darkness of space. The graphics of leaders, well the design isn’t bad but looking at The Witcher 3 and other games, it could’ve been done better. Still, the leaders look good, I just hope that we won’t see stupid crystals for the silicoids or ugly crippled Greys for the Psilons, but as for now I am sure we won’t see such disgrace again. Interface is hopefully not like many 4X, too stylized, instead of simplistic but at the same time atmospheric. I also hope it is really made for PCs, so not much scrolling, many designers nowadays aren’t able to make interfaces like we had back than.


    1. Judging by the early art (take the Sakkra, for example), it seems like they’re basing the models much more on the MoO 2 art than MoO 3. Hopefully, anyways.


  4. I’m glad to hear they are finally making another MOO title. Star Drive 2 was pretty much a copy of MOO2 with updated graphics and some new twists. Now I’m curious to see where they will go with this.

    I don’t mind starlanes, SOSE and Endless Space were both good games that used them and worked out great.

    Fingers crossed indeed though, I hope they nail it on the head.



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