Weekly eXchange

WeX #31 – A New Strategy?

Join Rob and Nate as the discuss Stars Beyond Reach, Deep Space Settlement, 2K’s new (now old) Advent advertisements, the upcoming Sorcerer King Beta 5.2 and much more!

Music: Ale’iens by Jason Covenant from the Star Ruler 2 OST.

Show Notes

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  1. Nice episode chaps!

    Couple of thoughts on things mentioned:

    4X Games & Age of Wonders …
    You guys mentioned that the core feeling/desire from 4X games is in the empire management. What’s interesting, is that such focus on empire management wasn’t historically what “4X” games were all about. 4X, going way back, were very much military and conquest focused – empire management was the engine to fuel your military growth, and not much more. So in a way – Age of Wonders 3 is closer to the roots of a 4X game.

    The desired emphasis on empire building is really the influence of Civilization rubbing off on the genre. Admittedly, the cumulative effect of this is that it HAS shifted the common understanding/definition of a 4X game, and we so often now expect that a 4X game will have multiple victory conditions, more interesting empire management and internal pressure systems, etc.


    I’m down with expanding the focus of the site, but you already knew that :) We do need to consider new tag line options though. I was thinking:

    “Strategy Gaming From Pitchforks to C-Beams”

    Or something like that. But the reference might be lost on some …

    BTW – I’d love to join you guys on an upcoming weekly exchange :)


    Rob – I also never finished the newer XCOM. I actually got to (I think?) the very last mission and just got bored with it. I had way more fun in the base/building side of the game, as the tactical battles just became a repetitive grind after a while. I’d love to see someone take the XCOM concept but actually have to be the real director of operations, and have to equip and assign many different units to missions, establish some general goals + parameters, but be hands off on the actual combat. I think it could be a pretty compelling thing if done right.


  2. Also – I wonder where in Michigan Jon Shafer lives (per his Twitter profile) – I’m also in Michigan and could maybe fill in on your missed lunch date :P


  3. I like the idea of expanding to strategy games. Seems like there is so much blur between these genres anyway. Is distant worlds really a 4x or an RTS? Seems like every 4x or RTS incorporates RPG elements these days as well.

    I’m with Nate about XCOM: EW. One of my all time favorite games and I’m super excited for XCOM2. How is this the same studio that put out Civ:BE???



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