You have 24 hours to contact us via the email you used to post here and friend DevildogFF on Steam or else it goes to the next group!

Winner 1 (from announcement): Fakeace

Winner 2: Bl4ckSh33p (again?!)

Winner 3: Sniper Fury

Everyone who has entered should be sure to check back tomorrow in case any of these guys haven’t redeemed their winnings within 24 hours! It’s like a second chance to win ;)

No One Claimed Their Prize, Aside from Fakeace, Who Gave His Away. The Game Keys Have All Be Given Away, However, Via Twitter and Our Steam Group.


  1. Awesome, thanks for doing this StarDrive 2 contest! From what I’ve read it sounds pretty good (and your review seems to reflect that too!).
    Anyways: My Steam name is Dushanan, and I invited Reaper to the group.


  2. This community has been a great surprise for me. I did not expected to find so many nice content about the 4x gender.



  3. Hi! My Steam Name is “Bl4ckSh33p” and I invited EnSabahNur (he already joined a few days ago, does that Count?) and all 156 friends on my list just now. I think it would be too much to list all names here.


  4. I am Tetzer on steam and referred Hashmael and Spook to the group. Thanks for all the giveaways, and glad to see yall becoming more and more successful


  5. Steam name: “Azkik”

    Referred: “Moltar,” “Ash,” “420~timtams~420,” and “a broken man”

    Take your pick.


  6. I am davidg7732 on Steam and referred F10newbking to the group. Thanks for running the competition, I’ll be sure not to miss the drawing this time.


  7. I am Uroplatus Fimbriatus on Steam. I referred yavinbase and NoDuhMan [TC]. Wonderful way to get people looking at new games.


  8. I’m Aaron Ethridge (JerethKnight on Steam) and I invited The Entire Population of Uranus, MadHatter, SeaGold, and Leurn2Play. This is a good way to get people playing a new game and good way to build the groups membership. Well thought of. :)


  9. My name is YamamuraKazuma known as Yamamura Kazuma on steam and I invited Twan Zonderland, Serinu, Deqoin and Blasbo Babbins


  10. GAH of course of all the give a ways, I win the one game that I already have xD.I’m greatful ,but I don’t want to claim it you guys can go ahead and give it to someone else


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