StarDrive 2 Winners!



You have 24 hours to contact us via the email you used to post here and friend DevildogFF on Steam or else it goes to the next group!

Winner 1 (from announcement): Fakeace

Winner 2: Bl4ckSh33p (again?!)

Winner 3: Sniper Fury

Everyone who has entered should be sure to check back tomorrow in case any of these guys haven’t redeemed their winnings within 24 hours! It’s like a second chance to win ;)

No One Claimed Their Prize, Aside from Fakeace, Who Gave His Away. The Game Keys Have All Be Given Away, However, Via Twitter and Our Steam Group.

27 thoughts on “StarDrive 2 Winners!

  1. Awesome, thanks for doing this StarDrive 2 contest! From what I’ve read it sounds pretty good (and your review seems to reflect that too!).
    Anyways: My Steam name is Dushanan, and I invited Reaper to the group.


  2. This community has been a great surprise for me. I did not expected to find so many nice content about the 4x gender.



  3. Hi! My Steam Name is “Bl4ckSh33p” and I invited EnSabahNur (he already joined a few days ago, does that Count?) and all 156 friends on my list just now. I think it would be too much to list all names here.


  4. I am Tetzer on steam and referred Hashmael and Spook to the group. Thanks for all the giveaways, and glad to see yall becoming more and more successful


  5. Steam name: “Azkik”

    Referred: “Moltar,” “Ash,” “420~timtams~420,” and “a broken man”

    Take your pick.


  6. I’m D-Man777 [GWJ] on Steam, and I’m hoping my 100+ invites and 50+ joins from awhile back will carry over. Don’t want to pester my Steam friends that declined joining. Regardless, thanks for the opportunity as always.


  7. I am davidg7732 on Steam and referred F10newbking to the group. Thanks for running the competition, I’ll be sure not to miss the drawing this time.


  8. I am Uroplatus Fimbriatus on Steam. I referred yavinbase and NoDuhMan [TC]. Wonderful way to get people looking at new games.


  9. I’m Aaron Ethridge (JerethKnight on Steam) and I invited The Entire Population of Uranus, MadHatter, SeaGold, and Leurn2Play. This is a good way to get people playing a new game and good way to build the groups membership. Well thought of. :)


  10. My name is YamamuraKazuma known as Yamamura Kazuma on steam and I invited Twan Zonderland, Serinu, Deqoin and Blasbo Babbins


  11. Steam name’s Alpha
    Awesome group and thanks for the contest :D
    Didn’t expect to see so many 4X players :o
    keep it up ;3


  12. GAH of course of all the give a ways, I win the one game that I already have xD.I’m greatful ,but I don’t want to claim it you guys can go ahead and give it to someone else


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