WeX #29 – Three’s Company

Join Rob, Nate and Dallin as they talk about the recent website poll, the Galactic Civilizations 3 release, the recent Beyond Earth eXpansion announcement, Galacollider, At the Gates and a few other games!

Music: Ale’iens by Jason Covenant from the Star Ruler 2 OST.

Show Notes


3 thoughts on “WeX #29 – Three’s Company

  1. A quick correction: I might have misread the Galacollider KS news or maybe I was a bit too optimistic. The developers are going to first develop a solid beta before going to Kickstarter for additional funding. We should have more information in July. Sorry about that.



  2. You guys mentioned that companies can see us as the highlighted curator if we have the most members. That’s really cool. Companies can also see where traffic on their Steam site is coming form. So if we link to their steam pages, they’ll see our name more often. This will also (hopefully) translate into more swag for our members! :)


  3. Oh come on guys. You’ve talked about Firaxis not giving you exclusive info and haven’t even mentioned a single feature from future addon. And after that you’ve only talked about how you need more people. Remember just one thing you’ve said about games themselves in this podcast. Are you there to make friends with developers or to talk about games?

    Also you are not target audience for Firaxis. But Firaxis is very important for you. It’s the only 4X company everyone knows. They bring new people to you. You won’t bring new people to them.



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