Remnant Kicks Off!

Are you bummed you missed out on Kickstarters for games like Stardrive, Predestination, Worlds of Magic, or John Shafer’s At the Gates? Here’s an opportunity to not miss an opportunity! A. Scott McCallum (creator of Fractured) is kickstarting a new 4X game called Remnant.

It has our attention with some sharp visuals.
It has our attention with some sharp visuals.

Remnant is a RTS 4X game set in a single solar system. No warp drive or other modes of FTL travel to worry about, the entire game takes place within the distance “conventional” drive can take you. Remnant has all the trappings you’d expect from a space RTS: fleets of ships, different planet types, colonies, and more.

The economy of the game is simplified, more Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion rather than Distant Worlds: Universe. There are three main resources: food, ore and metal.  Expanding your empire and exploiting your planets allow you to use these resources to build not only your ships but also your characters.

Characters in Remnant (so far) come in three types: Governors which are assigned to colonies in order to boost their production, Admirals which are assigned to fleets to boost their combat statistics, and spies which eavesdrop and subvert your enemies. The Kickstarter video and site are a little light on details when it comes to how all this works, but you can visit Remnant’s official site for more information:

One of the best parts about this Kickstarter campaign is that the good rewards aren’t reserved just for the rich patrons. In some cases, getting to name a character, planet, or quest is a special reward reserved for those who pledge a hundred bucks or more. With Remnant’s Kickstarter, that reward is handed at out at the money-saving $5 level. That’s quite unheard of. At $25, you get a digital copy of the game and get to name 2 agents and 2 planets.

Ship combat looks decent, too!

According to the Kickstarter, McCallum has been working on Remnant since 2014 and is using the funds to purchase art assets and UI treatments for the game. Remnant’s campaign ends June 24, 2015. Estimated delivery date is December, 2015. The game is also currently mounting a Steam Greenlight campaign. Good luck Scott and we look forward to seeing more!

2 thoughts on “Remnant Kicks Off!

  1. Looks interesting – Love the fact that it’s pre-warp. Only other game that did that well that I can remember was Distant Worlds, and it was a very short experience.



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