Civilization: Beyond Earth – Rising Tide Announced

Civilization-Beyond-Earth-Rising-TideFiraxis is announcing today that it will launch a new eXpansion for Civilization: Beyond Earth in the fall of this year. The name of the expansion will be “Rising Tide.” As one could gather from the name, it will focus on expanding the aquatic aspects of Beyond Earth. The expansion will bring several new features to the game:

  • Floating Settlements
  • New Submerged Resources
  • Underwater Exploration
  • New Marine-based Monsters
  • Improved Diplomacy Mechanics
  • Four New Factions
  • Two New Biomes
  • New Unit Upgrades
  • New Leaders
  • New Affinities

Rising Tide will retail for $29.99 and be available for Windows PC.

Editor’s note: We’re very cautious about this announcement. We’re a bit sorry to see that price tag and, with no news on the promised 2.0 version of the base game, a little uninterested in the planned features considering the issues with the original $50 product that we found here. We’ve also had a notoriously hard time reaching out to 2K and Firaxis regarding news updates, so we don’t expect to get much more here. We’ve asked for an interview via podcast, but were told that there “wasn’t anything new to report”.

News source: Polygon

See also: PC Gamer’s Article – some preliminary new information

The water cities do look good and definitely fit the existing art style well.
One of the new biomes: volcanic.
Some of the new naval units…

8 thoughts on “Civilization: Beyond Earth – Rising Tide Announced

    1. Graphics are one thing (and something you’re obsessed with, to be fair), but unless they fix some of the gameplay and provide the players the promised 2.0 version of the base game, why would anyone want to fork out another $30 for prettier water?


  1. Eh I think the expansions shouldve been about something else as opposed to just the water aspect. Im pretty sure they will just add some type of mega water unit that will attack, and a few other fluff things that wont actually change the way the game is played. I was expecting Gods and Kings, and Brave New World levels of expansions, and I guess so far that isnt what we are getting -.-. 30 Dollars for a game that was already meh to begin with? Ill pass.


  2. Having bought and played both civ5 and civ:be at launch, I’d say that be was inferior in both AI and balance (in terms of what tech to research or upgrades to choose in events). Not only to civ5, but to most recently released 4x games, including EL. Does anyone know if they improved this in patches? No amount of new features is going to fix this, so if they haven’t; I have no reason to look forward to this expansion.


  3. Too little, too late as far as I’m concerned – Even the expansion pack seems incredibly lackluster.

    These are all features that previous Sid Meier games had – SMAX anyone? You’d think they could have drawn on all of the experience and made something less… hollow, empty. Even if they didn’t want to re-make SMAC outright.

    As I recall the Ideology system never mattered – Having hybrids of “doesn’t matter” and “doesn’t matter either” seems… superfluous.

    Aliens are never a threat – In fact Barbarians are more of a threat compared to these things over the course of a game.



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