StraX #17 – Interview with Arcen Games

SBR1Rob and Nate speak with founder of Arcen Games, Chris Park, about their upcoming 4X hybrid, Stars Beyond Reach. They learn about how the game plays, what their time line is for release, hints about the story connection between SBR and AI War and The Last Federation and much more!

Music from Stars Beyond Reach by Arcen Games

Show Notes

3 thoughts on “StraX #17 – Interview with Arcen Games

  1. A 4X with a bigger focus on the inwards? I… I need new pants. After all what is a huge interstellar empire worth if there’s no internal conflict and differences of opinion?

    A lot of great Sci-Fi universes are built on the idea of old, imperial like superempires growing stale, resulting in colonies taking up arms against their core world oppressors.



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