WeX #26 – Total Warrrrrrr!

Nate and Rob talk about the newly announced Total War: Warhammer, a new Europa Universalis expansion, Stars Beyond Reach, Steam mods, Apollo4X and a bit more!

Music: Ale’iens by Jason Covenant from the Star Ruler 2 OST.

Show Notes

3 thoughts on “WeX #26 – Total Warrrrrrr!

  1. Kaiju A Go Go failed its initial Kickstart campaign – This is why it’s not quite what you’d expect from a “full release”. Most of the stuff they wanted to include in the initial release have had to be pushed back post released.


    1. Oh, didn’t know that. probably because of the SotS2 fiasco and fallout with Paradox. Anyways, it’s a pretty fun little game. We have an impression piece and some youtube content for it going up tomorrow I believe.


      1. Yeah… Kerberos have been kicked around a lot recently. Too bad really – I’ve always wanted to see SOTS II reach that point where it’s considered a great game.

        But the Paradox/Kerberos legal issues have probably killed off all possibility of that. Kerberos aren’t likely to produce anymore DLC content, since in practice owe Paradox money. So it’d all have to on a volunteer basis in hopes of redeeming the franchise.

        Anyway – Returning to the kickstarts. Kaiju failed ts initial Kickstarter campaign, so they remade it with Indiegogo with a “we get whatever is pledged” campaign and went with that.

        Same thing happened with their two previous “small games”, Ground Pounders and The Pit (Which came with a pledge to get an awesome lore/artbook which I absolutely love to own)



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