Endless Legend: Guardians Out Tomorrow!

Guardians 2Amplitude announced today during their Twitch stream that their highly-anticipated Guardians DLC, which will introduce game-changing super units called, you guessed it, Guardians, will be out tomorrow! The Guardian units will provide some end game badassery that wasn’t quite there in the base game. Not only that, but the DLC will also introduce:

  • Legendary Deeds – Be the first faction to accomplish different tasks and be awarded with a unique item or bonus!
  • Legendary Buildings – Be the first faction to accumulate the required resources and build awesome new buildings that are both legendary in their appearance and in their bonuses to your empire!
  • Unique Buildings – Now your cities can build one-time-use buildings that offer unique bonuses to the particular city they’re built in.
  • Global Events – Random events that affect various aspects of gameplay, like a plague that reduces food production, to a madness that effects the minor factions and causes them to have higher damage output and many others!
  • Cooperative and Competitive Quests – New quests that will force you to compete or cooperate with the factions you discover on Auriga!

We’ll be reeXamining Endless Legend very soon as we’ve had nearly a dozen hours with the DLC. If you enjoyed Endless Legend, however, this should be a no-brainer. Look forward to our report soon!

Official info here: Amplitude’s Page

One thought on “Endless Legend: Guardians Out Tomorrow!

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever bought a DLC as fast as I did this one. It’s awesome that we’re giving away so many copies on Reddit, and I’m looking forward to the review!



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