WeX #24 – A (Star)Drive in the Country

Rob and Nate talk about the recent release of Stardrive 2, Galaxia: Remember Tomorrow, Galactic Civilizations 3 and the website redesign!


Music from Star Ruler 2’s official soundtrack



Show Notes:

4 thoughts on “WeX #24 – A (Star)Drive in the Country

  1. “but I’m playing Age of Wonders 3” For years I’ve been trying to play turn based tactical RPGs and getting bored without understanding why, since it’s my type of gameplay. Then I went back to AoW: Shadow Magic and understood: I’m used to this and no other game comes close. AoW:SM ruined the tactical combat of other games. AoW3 raised the bar even higher :)
    Props to Divinity original sin for keeping me interested. I don’t even try JRPGs anymore.

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