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Episode #250: A Whole Lot!

Join Nate and Troy as they bring you all the important information on all of your favorite 4X and strategy games! This week they talk about Age of Wonders: Planetfall, Endless […]

Announcements 16

Amplitude Studios’ ‘Humankind’

You remember those times when Rob or Nate said “but we can’t tell you about that game”? Well, we can finally tell you about one of them! Amplitude Studios announced Humankind today, a historical 4X game that looks like a challenge to Firaxis’ throne. The developers of the lauded Endless Legend and Endless Space series take their talent to the […]

eXpositions 16

Leader Bidding in Star Base Orion

Welcome to THE FIRST entry in the Mechanical Wonders series! These articles pluck a single game mechanic from a specific game and talk about why the mechanic is noteworthy. Maybe […]

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eXploring Star Dynasties’ Alpha

Does Crusader Kings 2 meets Master of Orion sound intriguing to you? Well then you’ll want to see this! Star Dynasties is exactly what you’d expect from a marriage like that and it’s already in an eXtremely promising state. Rob took a bit of a dive in to this diamond in the rough recently and walked away very impressed. While […]

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Best “Starter” 4X Games

Rob here! I see this question asked a lot on the 4X Gaming subreddit and I’ll occasionally get asked myself, “what’s the best 4X game for someone new to the […]

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Burned Land Q&A

Explorminate has made a conscious effort to reach out to as many 4X studios as possible to find out more about their projects through a series of Q&As. That series continues today with Koya Games and their upcoming title Burned Land. Could you start by telling us about your team? First, I would like to thank you for allowing me […]

Audible eXtension 6

Interstellar Space: Genesis’ Audible eXtension

Join Rob, Nate and Oliver as they discuss the Interstellar Space: Genesis review. We discuss what was left on the cutting-room floor and where this game is headed. Come and listen to what we think about the first try from Praxis Studios. Music for eXplorminate by Mangadrive Show Notes:  Interstellar Space Genesis Steam page Interstellar Space: Genesis Review Master of […]

Patches/Updates 3

Galactic Civilizations 3 Patch 3.8

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about Galactic Civilizations 3 (GC3) here at eXplorminate, but we’re happy to announce that Stardock has released version 3.8 today. Brad Wardell sent us this message today: Today we’re releasing GalCiv III v3.8.  This update focuses on quality of life things, like user interface and font size, etc. A few examples: People can […]